Reverse Μode is a genre-defying (Free Experimental Folk) music project which originated in one of Europe's creative hubs, the city of Berlin. Having started as a joint venture amongst a group of three expatriate musicians  in 2013, Reverse Mode forms a dialogue between the East and West, borrowing elements from various musical traditions and blending them together in a unique way, thereby establishing a new language of musical communication. The basic musical material comes from the traditional music of South-Eastern Europe, especially Greece. This material is then reinterpreted, arranged and transformed, mixing the traditional elements of the music with free improvisation, extended techniques and live electronics. Therefore, a metamorphosis occurs, one that, while cherishing its traditional roots, is not afraid of stepping into uncharted musical territories.




 Maria Koltsida | piano/keyboards, vocals

Penelope Gkika | violin

Adam Goodwin | double bass

Gioele Pagliaccia | drums, percussion 




 Achilleas Sourlas | saxophone, flute, electronics | 2013 - 2014

Emilio Gordoa | percussion | 2015






Maria Koltsida was born in Athens in 1986. She studied piano performance with I. Petrin in the Music and Science Department of University of Macedonia where she attained her degree. As a performer, she is currently playing a wide variety of music ranging from original compositions to free improvisation. For the last years she has been composing music for small ensembles, short films, documentaries and theater as well as developing her own material.

 As a pianist she is also exploring the extended technique of prepared piano both in the context of performance and composition. She is a founding member of the musical ensemble “Reverse Mode” which mixes traditional greek music with elements of improvisation and contemporary performance practice. Throughout the last decade she has been broadening her performative approach by attending theater and dance seminars, as well as body and movement workshops and singing lessons. She is currently working and living in Berlin.         


             photo by Fotini Chora  







Penelope Gkika is a Greek violinist currently living in Berlin. She studied classical violin in Orfeio Conservatory in Athens, where she received her diploma in 2007. In more recent years, her musical activities have expanded to include a wide range of genres and aesthetic approaches, including Western classical music and traditional Turkish and Arabic music, as well as contemporary compositions and free improvisation.Currently she is a member of the Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra, Reverse Mode and Nawa and she is collaborating with various musicians and dancers in free improvisation performances. She is also active as a composer, writing music for theatrical plays and instrumental performances.








Adam Goodwin is a Texan double bassist, composer, and visual artist. He engages in a wide spectrum of artistic activity that involves frequent collaboration with various performers, composers, sound artists, choreographers, dancers, and visual artists.

Having completed music degrees in both classical and contemporary double bass performance, Goodwin moved to Berlin to delve fully into the world of experimental and improvised music. This has lead to a number of ongoing collaborations, including Elmer Kussiac, the Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra, and the Vasana String Trio, which exclusively performs Goodwin's original compositions. In addition to classical, contemporary, and experimental music, he is active within the Turkish and Arabic music scenes in Berlin.

Goodwin's musical approach places a heavy emphasis on physical gesture and spontaneity, along with a conscious consideration of the particular space and context in which the music is taking place. As composer and interpreter, he strives to obliterate the false pretenses that tend to surround contemporary art world, and return to a primordial mode of expression which places the highest priority on the individuality of the performer and the spontaneity of each unique moment. 







Gioele Pagliaccia is a drummer, percussionist and composer born in Italy, but raised both in his native country and the United States. He started playing when he was 8 years old and began playing and composing on the guitar a coupke years later. He attended the Berklee College of Music seminars at the Umbria Jazz Festival, "Forme Sonore" with Roberto Dani and "Living The Music" with Rakalam- Bob Moses. He played and recorded with Danilo Gallo, Alfonso Santimone, Henry Cook, Piero Bittolo Bon, Joe Lally, Massimo Pupillo, Scott Rosenberg, Will Bernard, Dave Scott Stone, Will Blades, Giacomo Ancillotto, Hal Tsuchida, Igor Osypov, Claudio Mosconi, Amy Denio, Andrea Pesce, Ettore Martin, Horst Honnenmacher, Gianni Gebbia, Mikaele Pellegrino, Massimo Giangrande, Giulio Campagnolo, Davide Piersanti, Yoko Arai, Daniele Tittarelli, Hui-Chun Li, Gerhard Gschlößl, Johannes Fink, Eyal Lovett, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, Marco Papa,         Federico Eterno, Antonio Gallucci, Cristiano De Fabritiis, Fabio "Reeks" Recchia, Renato Ciunfrini, Pasquale Innarella, Tony Cattano, Fil Lorenz, Daniel Magay, Dj Økapi, Roberto Bordiga, Paolo Bacchetta, Federico Pozzer, Roberto Bellatalla, Manlio Maresca, Marco Quaresimin, Riccardo Marogna, Rosa Brunello, Sergio Gonzo, Glauco Benedetti, Alessandro Fongaro, Michele Polga, Luca Moresco, and many others.

He toured in Italy, U.S.A., France, Dominican Republic, Germany, Slovenia and Japan.

He now lives in Berlin.